Transitioning Groups

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Creating High Performing Teams

Everyone who works in an organization works within a group or a team context to some degree.

Working with others in a team setting is always more complex than working alone because team work involves a great deal of interpersonal interaction, communication, and coordination.

These factors can make being part of a team challenging and sometimes frustrating, but at the same time highly rewarding.
When a team is not functioning well or not functioning to its potential, it often requires outside assistance.

It is important to clarify the distinction between a group and a team and then to take a team through the stages of team development and to transition it into a high performing team.

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We train Small groups of individuals to solve real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how that learning can benefit the individual, the group and the organization


Integral/Executive Coaching that allows an individual explore and discover your strengths , weaknesses,untapped potential and then to make the relevant changes.

Leadership Development

Making leader of tomorrow one step at a time, use the Enneagram as a map to offer you options around your particular areas of development and according to your Leadership style