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I offer a range of Integral / Executive services to Individuals and Groups of People who are looking to leverage their skills sets and competencies  for better career prospects and future endeavors. This not only impacts on how you are showing up in your career but also how you are showing up in yoru world.

Individual Coaching

Integral/Executive Coaching that allows an individual explore and discover  strengths, weaknesses, untapped potential and then to implement the relevant changes that will lead to sustainable shifts in how they show up.

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Group Coaching

I work with small groups of individuals exploring real work-related issues and through the coaching circles process and context enable them to develop a deeper understanding of the issues, their peers and the group dynamic. This process enables this group to interact in an incredible powerful way with each other which profoundly impacts their way of relating to each other and the organization and the work related problems as they arise.

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Transitioning Groups

I use the Enneagram as an introduction to the various personalities that exist within the group. Then we work through the group’s unique communication style, how each member offers and receives feedback, how the group shows up in relation to conflict and managing it, we explore the “group vs. Team dynamic and then each individuals leadership style. At this stage the group can migrate to on-boarding team dynamics as the commit themselves to work through the stages of team development.

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Leadership Development

Exploring, developing and enhancing your unique Leadership Style one step at a time, using the Enneagram as a map to offer you options around your unique areas for development and according to your Authentic leadership Style. Unleashing the best of you through exploring your untapped potential.

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