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Integral / Executive Coaching for Individuals

Our understanding of who and what we are and what we need to become in order to be able to deal with the complexity of our time is evolving. This is an extraordinary experience that happens in a safe space where you, as an individual explore and discover your strengths , weaknesses,untapped potential and then to make the relevant changes.

The insights gained are distilled into a tailor-made; compelling coaching program that over a period of time shifts you in terms of how you interpret yourself, other(s) and the situation(s) that you are finding yourself in. You emerge from this process competent and confident in creating a palette of options for yourself and the circumstances that you find yourself in.

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I train small groups of individuals (8-10)  to solve real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how that learning can benefit the individual, the group and the organization.

Transitioning Groups

Our exclusive coaching trains a group of individuals and takes them through the stages of team development and to transition it into a high performing team.

Leadership Development

Making leader of tomorrow one step at a time, use the Enneagram as a map to offer you options around your particular areas of development and according to your Leadership style