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Coaching Circles

The way we conduct business and commerce is shifting. This is perhaps the most important social event of the last five thousand years, because commerce impacts almost everything in our lives.

There is a myriad of research that supports the notion that individuals on a project or a team seldom fall short on their deliverables, however when it comes to the relationships; it is usually here where the project goes pear-shaped.

Coaching circles provides a process and a context in which groups can solve real-time work related problems, whilst strengthening their understanding of their way of learning and relating to each other and the organization.

It evokes each member of the team to explore themselves and each other in a safe space with honesty and humility; enabling them to step into their own Authentic Leadership Style.

The insights gained are distilled into a tailor-made; compelling coaching program that over a period of time shifts you in terms of how you interpret yourself, other(s) and the situation(s) that you are finding yourself in.

You emerge from this process competent and confident in creating a palette of options for yourself and the circumstances that you find yourself in.

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Integral/Executive Coaching that enables you as an individual to explore and discover your strengths , weaknesses,untapped potential and then to systematically over a period of time make the relevant changes that evokes long term excellence in how you show up.

Transitioning Groups

I use the Enneagram as an introduction to the various personalities that are members to the group. I then work with the group in showing them their unique style of communicating, how they show up in receiving or offering feedback, what they are likely to do¬†with conflict when it arises, explore the “group vs. team” dynamic and how they show up in their various leadership styles. At this point the group can on-board team dynamics as they commit themselves to work through the stages of team development toward a high performing team.

Leadership Development

Developing and enhancing your leadership style one step a time, using the Enneagram as a map to offer you options around your unique areas for development and according to your Authentic Leadership Style. Unleashing your own untapped Leadership Style.